Installation View of “The Banality Beneath the Skin” 2017

『 如果常玉畫裸女是藝術 開放藝文空間展同志情慾 』


■ 陳泓圻《他們的庸俗花絮》即日起展至20日,地點在松山文創園區133號共創合作社「開放藝文空間」,詳見



“Bold eroticism and sensuality are key words to describe the work of Chen Hung-chi (陳泓圻), so visitors are reminded that viewer discretion is advised. His obsession with the male body falls within the tradition of portraiture and still life painting, the metaphorical floral structures evoking the flowers by Georgia O’Keeffe, though packing more punch with brightly contrasting colors. The subtle sexual tension in The Banality Beneath the Skin (他們的庸俗花絮) is filled with longing and desire. While the compositions may seem direct and in your face, Chen’s poetic symbolism and motifs are well composed, combining classicism with a contemporary twist. Taboo is no longer the pressing issue in these works. There seems to be an anxiety reflected in his works, suggesting future climaxes or rejection while redefining the male gaze, a refreshing rendition of exploring sexuality in the tradition of Egon Schiele, Robert Mapplethorpe and Allen Jones.” ─── Jason Chung Tang Yen

■ Open Space, Song Shan Cultural & Creative Park (松山文創園區), 113 Guangfu S Rd, Taipei City (台北市光復南路113號), tel: (02) 2766-6822. Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 6pm
■ Until June 20

Special thanks to Jason for the write-up

Upcoming solo exhibition of brand new works to open on June 2nd, 2017